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Best Law Studies in Israel 2019

An LLB can be earned, showing that an individual is certified to work in the field of law. It is also possible to attain specializations with this certification in order to tailor a career in a specific direction of legalities. 

An LLM is a postgraduate program for law students who want advanced training and knowledge in a particular area. Specialization areas may include commercial law, finance, human rights law, tax law, and international business law.

Officially known as the State of Israel, the country speaks either Hebrew or Arabic languages. The levels of education in the country are subdivided into primary, secondary and tertiary. The country has several universities for professional training.

Bachelor of Laws Degrees in Israel

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College of Law & Business

The College of Law and Business offers a global LL.B. Bachelor of Law degree in Israel for English Speakers. This program is an opportunity for students who are looking t ... [+]

Law Degree LL.B. for English Speakers

Taught in English and Hebrew by top legal scholars from U.S. and Israel law schools.

To succeed in today's globalizing market, you must possess the knowledge and the tools to apply it.

The College of Law and Business invites you to enroll to our first of its kind bilingual LL.B. degree. This unique opportunity combines the best of all worlds: Live in Israel, Study in its center, Speak Hebrew, Graduate with the ability to practice law in both languages and qualify to take the NYS bar exam.

How it works

Earning your Bi-Lingual LLB takes 3.5 years unless you already have a B.A which will shorten the period to 3 years. Our LLB degree requires 140 academic credits, 70 in Hebrew and 70 in English. Knowledge of the Hebrew language in necessary however we are aware of the challenges this requirement poses. Our solution: Students may turn in assignments, as well as take exams in English in all core classes. For those students requiring additional language assistance, our program offers tutoring, guidance, and counseling all to ensure your success.... [-]

Israel Ramat Gan
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36 - 42 months
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