Part time SJDs in Administrative Law Studies 2020

Legal students wishing to teach law at the postgraduate level should consider an SJD, otherwise known as a Doctor of the Science of Law. This advanced degree includes intense study and research that culminates in a publishable doctoral dissertation within five years.

Administrative Law Studies encompass a particular branch of law that can cover several different types of legal policy and procedure. For example, Social Security law, public law, and environmental law may all fall under this category.

Part time SJD in Administrative Law Studies

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Doctor of Juridical Science (SJD)

SJD 01 September 2020 Full-time Part-time English Campus

The Doctor of Juridical Science (SJD) degree is a post LL.M. degree that is awarded upon the completion of an in-depth, publication-quality, dissertation which makes an origin ...

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LL.M. to S.J.D

SJD 01 September 2020 Full-time English Campus

The LL.M. to S.J.D. The program is intended for individuals who have demonstrated evidence of superior scholarly potential and who are engaged in or plan to pursue, careers in ...

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