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American University (Universidad Americana (UAM))

American University (Universidad Americana (UAM))

American University (Universidad Americana (UAM))


The American University is a private higher education institution that arises as a response to the needs of working adults, that is, those workers who invest time and money with effort, sacrificing their free time and their socializing time, depending on Their studies.

That is why we consider ourselves an institution that understands its student and tries to give them all the facilities for an adequate apprehension of knowledge, guaranteeing them at all times the academic qualifications required to adequately face the needs of the environment in which, from now on, many are unwrap.

This practicality allows the UAM student to feel like a person who builds their own knowledge with the help of a facilitator, a professional who is a teacher, and who knows how to learn and understand the needs of adults.

It should be noted that the teaching quality is not questioned because our cadre of teachers is a faithful reflection of a rigorous selection based on what is offered by the UAM, we are not the most technologically developed university, but the one that manages to establish a balance adequate between technology and the capabilities of the individual. The medium by itself, like technology "per se" does not manage to develop the individual, but rather, this development will be given thanks to the capacity and encouragement that teachers achieve in the student.


  • Panama City

    Panama City, Panama