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Korea National Open University


Since opening as Korea's first national distance university in 1972, Korea National Open University has played a strong role in higher education in Korea as the birthplace of open education for 48 years. So far, it has produced 730,000 talented people from all walks of life, playing a social role in generalizing higher education, and internationally, it is regarded as an exemplary case for distance education colleges and has become the target of benchmarking in countries around the world.

Based on the achievements and history so far, Korea National Open University aims to become a center of sharing through the production and exchange of high-quality knowledge content starting in 2022, which marks its 50th anniversary.

KNOU has rapidly responded to the changes in the internal and external environment that caused the Corona 19 incident this year and has opened up the contents of our lectures to other universities.

In this way, based on the distance education system, we will not only serve as a propagator of lifelong education but also develop various programs for overseas Koreans and multicultural families to broaden the point of contact with the national society as the center of Korean ethnic education.

The world is now changing into an untouched information society, and everything is changing rapidly. Korea National Open University will do its best to lead Korea into a lifelong learning society while fulfilling its responsibility to universalize higher education through rapid innovation.


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    Jongno-gu, South Korea