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St Joseph University

St Joseph University


St. Joseph University's mission is to become a leading medical school dedicated to the provision of world-class and high-quality medical training. This will be accomplished by using sound, internationally developed educational principles, practices, and well-trained personnel to provide leadership in the delivery of high-quality education and learning. It also seeks to be seen as a key partner by the Health Services in Dominica and be recognized as an exemplar for the engagement of an effective joint working principle to the benefit of the profession, patients, the public, and the national and regional health services.

Our Goals

The Goals of St Joseph University School of Medicine are:

  1. To inspire and educate the future leaders in the medical fraternity.
  2. To ensure that all graduates demonstrate an understanding and knowledge of the medical and scientific method and its application for Health Services.
  3. To prepare to care, skillful, committed, and emphatic students who possess a skill set that engenders and ensures their ability to diagnose and manage patient conditions.
  4. To be a resource for the people and communities that it serves.
  5. Provide the students with the best possible experience, educationally and personally.
  6. To provide students with a sound base to pursue further studies in their respective fields.
  7. To provide services that will enable the students to make meaningful contributions to the development of the community and become useful members of the nation, regional and global society.


  • Roseau

    3rd Floor Adams Tower, Cnr Great Marlborough, , Roseau