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20 LLM Programs in Law Studies Dispute Resolution Studies 2024



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LLM Programs in Law Studies Dispute Resolution Studies

A Master of Laws is a postgraduate degree often pursued by scholars who already have a Juris Doctor or Bachelor of Laws degree. An LLM focuses on a specific area within a law field. Most LLM programs take a year to complete.

What is an LLM in Dispute Resolution Studies? It is a degree program that looks at the techniques and theories needed to solve common disputes. Students may learn about both adjudicative and consensual processes, or they may be able to select a focus within their degree. There’s no set course structure for this type of LLM, but universities may offer courses similar to alternative dispute resolution, international commercial arbitration, mediation theory and practice, psychology of conflict communication, and dispute resolution and religion. Before graduating, scholars may have to complete a dissertation.

Like other law degrees, an LLM in Dispute Resolution Studies can arm graduates with the skills and experiences they need to be successful lawyers. This particular field of study improves a student’s understanding of the neutral’s responsibility in mediation, which can make him or her a better advocate. Participants may also improve their communication and negotiation skills.

The cost of an LLM can vary from school to school. Factors that often affect tuition include the university, the school’s location and the program duration. Applicants can learn more by contacting schools directly.

Most students who complete an LLM in Dispute Resolution Studies program already have some professional experience as lawyers. This degree then gives them an opportunity to take on a leadership role within their firm. Some students use this education to become mediation consultants, dispute resolution policymakers, administrative law judges, hearing officers, senior mediators, arbitrator trainers and dispute resolution consultants.

No matter where a student lives, he or she may be able to enroll in this type of program. Universities around the world offer LLM programs both online and on campus. Learning more is easy. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.