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7 LLM Programs in Labor Law 2024



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    LLM Programs in Labor Law

    A legum magister, or LLM, is a master’s of law degree that builds on an undergraduate expertise in the field of law, labor relations or a related subject. LLM in Labor Law programs deliver specialized education in the field of Labor law, as distinct from Employment law. Labor law takes into account the function of labor unions and other organizations in regulating the relationships between workers and their employers.

    What are the benefits of an LLM in Labor Law?

    Students in an LLM in Labor Law program will reap the benefits of learning complex concepts from experience professors. Students in LLM programs can also benefit professionally from practical experience and networking with their peers. Graduates from LLM in Labor Law degree programs are regarded as highly qualified within their field.

    How much does it cost to take an LLM in Labor Law?

    The costs of an LLM in Labor Law program will depend on the school that offers it, the location and other factors. Funding opportunities, such a scholarships and stipends, may be available for some applicants.

    What are the LLM in Labor Law requirements?

    Universities consider graduates from bachelor of laws programs, Juris Doctor programs, and other related undergraduate programs. Students will be required to complete at least one year of coursework and research to obtain their LLM in Labor Law degree.

    Which career with an LLM in Labor Law?

    Professionals working in the field with LLM in Labor Law degrees are highly sought after by trade unions, corporations, governments, NGOs and other organizations. Their roles range from teaching in an academic setting to litigating in favor of unions in court. Many LLM in Labor Law graduates work for domestic or international law firms, and some go on to form their own firm.

    How to enroll in an LLM in Labor Law?

    Learn more about the LLM in Labor Law programs on offer at the top law faculties listed below, today!