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LLM Programs in Law Studies Dispute Resolution Studies Litigation

Students who earn a legal degree and want to further enhance their knowledge of a specific area of law may choose to pursue an LLM. This type of advanced legal degree helps students learn more about a specific field of study as it applies to the legal field.

What is an LLM in Litigation? Students who work towards this advanced degree typically take courses that relate to the practice of litigation within the legal field. For instance, students may take advanced trial advocacy, advanced evidence, negotiation and conflict management, pre-trial practice in criminal cases, and arbitration courses. Classes can also go over ethics within the litigation process and alternatives to litigation for resolving disputes.

One of the main benefits of earning an LLM in Litigation is that students can learn how to effectively solve disputes between two parties, which can help them become tenacious, effective legal professionals. They may also enhance their knowledge of litigation practices and refine their litigation tactics, which can help them earn more in their career.

There is no set cost for earning this advanced legal degree. This is because how much an LLM in Litigation costs depends on many factors, such as tuition rates and whether the program is held in person or in an online format.

Most students who graduate with an LLM in Litigation become litigators in some form. While some decide to work in the private sector for commercial organizations or individuals, others may decide to work for the government as a public defender. Those who earn this degree may also decide to take their skills and use them to become a professional mediator who helps businesses and individuals effectively resolve conflicts outside of the court system.

Those who earn an LLM in Litigation may have the opportunity to launch themselves into a successful career. To obtain further information, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.