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2 Law Programs in Pre-Law 2024

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    Law Programs in Pre-Law

    What is Pre-Law?
    Students wishing to become a lawyer might consider a pre-law field of study. It’s not necessary to have a pre-law degree in order to become a lawyer, but many students feel this can give them an edge when applying to law school. A pre-law degree can be in any field, but many students choose to major in political science, economics, or business.

    Why is studying Pre-Law important?
    Pre-Law is important because it gives students the opportunity to learn about law, and how to become a lawyer. It also allows students to decide if they want to pursue a career in law.

    What can you study in Pre-Law?
    You can study many different things in pre-law, including law itself, court proceedings, legal writing, and more. This allows students to gain a broad understanding of the legal profession, and decide if it’s the right career path for them.